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I started keeping my personal bookmarks in HTML format on an pre-Apache (NCSA) Web server running on a Linux desktop computer from my office (1994). That way I was able to gain access to my bookmarks from either my home or office. Eventually, these bookmarks grew out of control because I kept adding additional bookmark tags. Therefore, I started to build a Perl/CGI based bookmark management tool. I also threw other Perl/Java codes and my resume into my collection and moved all these things back home and served it from a home broadband connection. However, that attracted hackers to attack on my cheap 386 Linux box at home. I had to move my Web site out of my home and to be hosted by a Free Hosting service. I wiped out all the Perl and Java supported pages and other space consuming files to meet the free service capability. As you can see; therefore, the ads banners are in all pages, since it is a free hosting service. The good news is, the free online bookmark managers are available in many places today. It saves me time and energy.

My web site is now hosted by Hostmonster.com. I have tried 4 different hosting services in the past 17 years (from very expensive in the past to very cheap today). I finally stayed with Hostmonster. The downtime was minimal or never be noticable to myself. The provided disk quota is ture until today. The disk space is not filled up like the previous hosting services did.